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Short Haircuts for Men

Short Haircuts for Men 2011
There are many options of haircuts when it comes to short haircuts for men. Here are the various ideas…

Short haircuts are easy to maintain and are most opted by guys. However, one can get bored with the same old haircut. If you are too bored, with old hairstyle or have overgrown hair, then you should consider a short haircut. Given below, are ideas on short haircuts for men. If you want to add more style to your haircut, then you can consider getting some subtle highlights. This will add more to the men's hairstyle and give a more textured hair look.
Short Haircuts for Men 2011
Good Short Haircuts for Men 2010
Buzz with Side Cuts: These are very short haircuts for men which are created using a razor. In this style, hair is shaved closely, using a razor. To make it more stylish add two side cuts on each side of the head. This is the easiest haircut to maintain, and a good idea for summers.

Crew Cut: This style is also called as the military cut. If you are looking for short haircuts for men with thin hair, then this cut is a good option. In this haircut, the hair on the sides and the back are cut very short. And the top crown hair are cut into a flat very short crop. This style is also low on maintenance, and good for guys who are looking for a no-fuss look. To soften the look of this style, you can cut the crown hair like the short front spiky cut look.
Short Haircuts for Men 2011
Caesar Hairstyle: Thinking, how this hairstyle looks? Check out pictures of George Clooney haircuts. This haircut is cut into a horizontal right bangs, with the side and back hair cut kept short.

Short Front Spiky Cut: If you like spiky hair styles, but think it looks a little too edgy, then go for this haircut. In this style, the hair on the side and back are cut short, and the crown is kept longer. The crown hair are cut into a tapering look, with hair kept longest near the forehead. Then, this hair is styled with gel upwards.
Short Haircuts for Men 2011
Faux Haux Styles: If you think Mohawk haircuts for men look too edgy, then go for a little more toned version of the hairstyle called faux haux. To get these short haircuts for men with fine hair, the hair on the sides of the head are cut into short crops, and the hair in the middle are kept longer. This hair is then styled upwards and frontwards, using an extra hold gel.

Stylish Layered Styles: If you like the Zack Efron or Justin Bieber hairstyle then use these ideas of layered hairstyles. This short haircuts for men suits thick hair well. Get your hair cut into deep layers, with a lot of side bangs, and the hair on the back kept longer. Then style the bangs sideways, and some hair strands cut into a tapering style and placed in front of the ears. Then run a razor on the hair sections, to get the sleeker hairdo look.
Short Haircuts for Men 2011
Messy Hairstyles: If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then go for these messy wavy haircuts for men. However, if you have straight hair then you can also achieve this look. Get your hair cut into layers, with some front hair bangs. Then use a gel on wet hair, and tousle them. People with straight hair can use a curling hair mousse or serum, and apply it on wet hair and tousle it.

These were the various ideas of short haircuts for men. Different haircut ideas for men suit different face types. Make sure you pick a haircut which suits your face type, hair type and lifestyle. So, choose one of the above mentioned styles, and go to a stylist to get it done. To maintain your haircut, you will need to get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks.  By Pragya T
Short Haircuts for Men 2011

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