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Long Hair Styles For Men

Long Hair Styles For Men 2011
In long hair styles for men, you would observe that there are a lot of common characteristics which are also found in long hairdos for women. This article puts light on long hair styles for men with curly, straight, fine, and thick hair.

Men generally like to have short haircuts, but there are some who prefer to wear long hair. If men wear long hair, it is considered as a style and fashion in the society. Just like hair care is needed for women's long hair, men too have to take good care of their hair for keeping their haircut look attractive and stylish. Long hairstyles have largely been inspired by the action movies from the 1980s and 1990s. However, it is not just that men can only wear long hair with a relaxed look. Long hair styles for men can also be sported with different patterns, layers, and colors to create a present generation's punk look. In today's fashion world, it is fine if men wear a long haircut that is similar to a woman's. Let us take a look at long hair styles for men on different types of hair.
Long Hair Styles For Men 2011
Long Hair Styles for Men with Thick Hair
The main advantage of long hair styles for men with thick hair is that they can be made in any manner as per the preference of the wearer, since there is nothing to worry about or hide, such as thinning hair. The best and the simplest hairstyle that can be worn with a good amount of hair on the crown is wherein the hair can be set relaxed to fall down on the shoulders. Be it straight or curly long hair, another good hairdo is to tie a ponytail and set the hair at the back. This is also an easy to style and manage hairdo.
Long Hair Styles For Men 2011
Long Hair Styles for Men with Straight Hair
As long hair is generally a bit harder to manage, if the hair is straight, hair care and styling becomes a lot easier. If you want to look different from the rest, you can sport a native American long hairstyle. It consists of the long straight hair left at the back with some of the middle hair tied up in to a ponytail. If you want to get a rock star look, you can keep the hair relaxed till below the hips. This hairdo is usually flaunted by Japanese rock musicians.
Long Hair Styles For Men 2011
Long Hair Styles for Men with Curly Hair
If you are gifted with thick and curly hair, dreadlocks can be a good option for styling. This mostly looks good in African American men, but nowadays, even whites have started wearing it. Many of the reggae musicians from the 1970s used to have this hairdo as a fashion trend. You can also sport an Afro haircut, unless you have thin hair. Another casual men's hairstyle is to let your long curly hair set at the sides for creating volume, extending till the shoulder level.
Long Hair Styles For Men 2011
Long Hair Styles for Men with Thin Hair
If you are thinking of long hair styles for men with thinning hair, first of all, it is not suggested to keep long hair if you have thinning hair. If you anyway want to keep the hair long, you need to choose only those patterns wherein the hair creates a good volume on the place of thinning hair. But in case you have fine and thin hair with a substantial hair volume, you are free to experiment with different long haircuts.

This was a simple explanation of long hair styles for men with varieties of hair textures. Remember that keeping long hair is not just a matter of style, you also would have to take proper care of your hair. By Stephen Rampur

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