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Asian Hairstyles for Men

Asian Hairstyles for Men 2011
Your search for cool Asian hairstyles for men ends here. The following article will cover some cool Asian hairstyles for men that you can try out and change your looks.

 Asian men tend to have very porous hair that can easily absorb moisture. Thus, they can try out many different and cool Asian hairstyles for men. There are many cool looks that Asian men can try and create unique and versatile looks. Asian men tend to have a style of their own that can be enhanced with the help of mufflers, ear studs and belts. Asian men are bestowed with great hair texture and straight hair strands. The sense of grooming of Asian men is unique, which creates a hot and happening aura around the fashion conscious men.
Asian Hairstyles for Men 2011
Many Asian men have been trend setters and have tried out different innovative and stylish Asian haircuts for men. If you are an Asian man looking for some haircut, styles and ideas related to Asian haircuts for guys, then you can gather some points from this article. Let us look in detail about some of the cool Asian hairstyles for men.
Long Asian Hairstyles for Men
Men with long hair can opt for a shoulder length layered Asian haircut for men. You need to cut your hair into layers that look sharp and urbane. You can try side parting or a natural middle parting with your layered haircut. The layered haircut creates a very tantalizing effect on Asian men facial features.
Asian Hairstyles for Men 2011
Asian men can try some western looks like long braid hairstyles, ponytails, long Shag hairstyles, Emo hairstyles for men, etc. The mullet is one of the most popular Asian hairstyles for men. You can even try the Japanese long razor hairstyle that will give you a look with an attitude. Many Asian men go in for long punk hairstyles like their western counterparts. The contrast created by this look makes you stand out among the crowd.

Short Asian Hairstyles for Men
Spiky hairstyles for Asian men help create a modern yet crazy look. Men can try long, medium or short spikes and style them accordingly. You can change the parting or remove it completely and create a new look everyday. You can pull the spikes to the sides or in the front creating a punk look. You can create a versatile look with longer hair. You can read more on punk hairstyles for men.
Asian Hairstyles for Men 2011
The Faux hawk Asian hairstyles for men is great to try, when you do not want to go in for a razor cut. It looks great on young men and gives a meticulously disheveled look. A razor shag cut gives you a positive and chic look at the same time. It is great for those who love to attract attention.

Textured short is one of the conservatively cool Asian hairstyles for men. It gives a crisp look to the wearer and creates a professional air. The hair is cut short, yet not so short and looks among the sophisticated hairstyles for men. Another popular cool Asian hairstyles for men includes a total shave. Asian men can carry the bold look with grace and confidence. The bold look oozes class and determination on the Asian men facial features. Also, many women tend to fall head over heals over bald men.
Asian Hairstyles for Men 2011
The medium long wavy haircuts for men is a combination of both long and short hair. This style has a little feminine streak in it and works well for many Asian guys. Try this hairstyle to soften your hard, masculine looks. Many Asian men try hair coloring ideas and give an edge to their cool looks. Asian men do not shy away from hair colors like blond, copper, red and extreme colors like purple and pink. The emo hairstyles for short hair look great on Asian men, when teamed with two tone hair color.

You should be creative and try looks that suit your personality and not your favorite idol. Be yourself and discuss the various styles that suit your facial cut with your hair stylist. Trends today are not restricted to a particular region but have a global impact. You can always search the Internet, latest magazines and check out the trends around you before settling for a unique look. I hope this article on Asian hairstyles for men has inspired you to change your looks and become an attractive alpha male.  By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Asian Hairstyles for Men 2011

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