Sunday, April 3, 2011

Face Painting

Face painting is very common among people of all ages. People like to take different pictures on their faces. The painting is done with respect to different occasions. This is a great skill. Is more popular among children. Face painting adds charm and color for kids parties. A Halloween party, sporting event, birthday parties, or just is particularly attractive and happy with the face paint.

Paint your face, you may need to have an artistic bone in your body. There are many face painting guides to help you paint the face with himself. Face Painting is a necessary supplies.

First, you must be a kit of your brush. There are different sizes of brushes that mediate the formation of different models.

They range from hair brushes and the large size of the brushes.The next important thing is the selection of the paintings. Make sure the paints are not toxic.

Use paints with great care, since some face  paints can cause allergies and skin damage.
You can also choose to paint that shines on them. The flakes to help highlight the design. The next important thing is to paint designs face. If you are a beginner, you can start simple designs and easy. Simple designs like butterflies, stars, flowers,  and many other models. You can also copy some of the models in the media. You just need a little practice to gain control of
the brush.
    To do this, the document control practices. You can paint your face in front of the mirror. Sitting on the chair relaxed. First check the paint on all parts of your body to see her reaction. If the paint is good on the skin, you can use it on your face. Start with a small brush and medium enterprises, and make a sketch of the design. Once you’ve done the sketch of the design, you can refine the silhouette and color fill in it. Try using bright colors, bright colors are not prominent on the face. Outside skills paint your own face, you must have a sense of the event. If you want to paint your face for a party like the makeup has to go with the theme of the evening. In addition, face painting is also different in terms of apartments. There are specific patterns of face painting for the Christmas event. Red, white and silver colors are the colors of Christmas.

The surface of the face painting depends on your choice. You can paint the full face. In such a case, you must use a base coat on the face. This can be done with a sponge.

The sponge provides a look again at the base. After applying the base is ready to face design with contrasting colors. You can also create designs on a limited area in front.

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